IE Volleyball Programs

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College Level Coaching

IE Volleyball prides itself in hiring highly trained coaches with years of coaching at the college level.

Director Wayne White coached 4 years at CBU   2 Time National Champion CBU

Director Chip Hord coached 4 year at CBU 2 Time National Champion CBU

Samantha Benjamin  coached 3 years at La Sierra University

Jamie DeKiewie 3 year at Riverside Community College

Former IEVC Club Players

IEVC gives club players the skills to move forward in the next phase of a players volleyball playing career.

Former IEVC club players that are currently playing college volleyball are:

Jovanie Gonzalez, University of Charleston
Jasmine Martin, Vanguard University
Maddy Peterson, San Diego Christian
Sarah Kelley, RCC

Natalie Chaffey, University of Maryland
Amanda Vialpando, UCR
Rachel Smith, Alabama St.
Hanna Lockhart, RCC
Taylor Whiteside, RCC
Meagan Call, RCC
DJ Cantanes, RCC
Taylor Lewis, Chaffey College
Lauren Shaw Chaffey College
Maddie Peterson Chaffey College